TEN Thousand Views

31 January 2019

10K Ad

Marketing Bugle Academy TV client videos collectively hit 10,000 views earlier in January 2019 which is very encouraging to those sat on the fence about coming on board.

TV audiences are definitely more interested in the subject matter that those who use Social Media to view videos.

This is probably because there are so many distractions when viewing online using Youtube, Facebook and the like and so, although they may see your video, they don't actually take the time to view it properly.

As subscribers to the Roku TV Network are probably paying attention, they tend to take and interest and view a 'programme' rather than click and go, as it were.

The same collection of videos got just 55 views on YT so, TV is defintely the way forward for your business video.

Please get in touch to arrange your video upload or, indeed, to purchase your very own TV channel featuring your collection of videos or those of your clients. It's a wonderful business.

Contact Marketing Bugle Academy TV.