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Video Funnel

It’s great having your video playing out, on demand, across the TV network, but it’s always a good idea having somewhere for viewers to go so that you can keep in touch with them way into the future.

The best way is to have a ‘Sales Funnel’ that takes them from being a happy viewer to, eventually, buying from you, over and over.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Someone views your video and it gives the web page address (URL) of your sign up page in order for them to subscribe to your email marketing updates. In order for people to give you their name and email address you would normally offer them something in return (this is known as a ‘Lead Magnet’).

Your lead magnet could simply be a downloadable ebook containing information that is useful and beneficial to them and so encourages sign ups to our email list.

Once on your email list, you can send regular emails out to them which nudges them into buying your products or services.

Or you could have a pre-recorded webinar or promotional video that they can sign up to in order to view it. This puts their contact details onto your database plus, they can purchase from you after viewing the sales webinar. The webinar is typically a short video that teaches them something useful but where you make an ‘offer’ at the end, again, to encourage people to buy from you.

Whichever strategy you elect to use, a funnel is the best way to present it. Your sales funnel would consist of your TV video which leads to your website Landing Page hosting the email sign up form, which leads to booking your webinar, which leads to viewing your webinar, which leads to making an appointment to speak/meet with you etc., which leads to them becoming a paying customer.

This sequence takes your original TV viewer from being ‘just a viewer’ into a subscriber (potential customer), a hot lead and then, of course, a buyuer which leads to a repeat buyer … our main goal achieved 😊

The beauty of creating this sales funnel is that it can be fully automated so that you can get on with running your business while the TV channel brings you in leads each day, week, month and so on.

Marketing Bugle Academy TV can create any type of funnel for you.

Running Your OWN TV Channel

Once you find that your videos are attracting a larger audience you may want your own channel on the TV network to have exclusivity which delivers content directly to your avid following.

Marketing Bugle Academy TV can set this up for you, either on their cloud domain or on your own business server (must be fast enough to run streaming services to thousands of people at the same time).

Then you can add your own videos or, we can do this for you.

Contact us for more details.

Video Editing Service

If you have an existing video that simply requires editing, we can perform this task for you.

Sometimes the beginning and end might need something added, removed or altered or annotations may be required along with audio adjustments or the video format itself converted to MP4, for example.

Any of this be configured ready for your video to be broadcast.

What's in it for ME and MY Business? ... we hear you ask

Presige and Authority for YOUR Business

Marketing Bugle Academy TV Network - A Roku TV Channel and Amazon Fire TV Channel Production company.

We also offer video production services and we can create and edit your TV Show Video if you like. We also design video ads as a Video Ads Agency and do video marketing for local businesses,

We now operate as a full service digital marketing agency. We do all we can day in, day out to help others succeed online and off.

Be the leader in your industry. When you have your own Roku TV Channel and/or Amazon Fire TV Channel whether or not you host or star in your own TV Show you get instant Authority, Prestige and Fame.

You will get Traffic (visitors) that comes from your brand and name associated with your Roku TV Channel and/or Amazon Fire TV channel. And then comes the Traffic from over, up to, 139 million viewers watching your TV Channel.

Typically you can get up to 10,000+ viewers in your first month alone. You will then get subscribers to your TV Channel and Show.

You'll get authority, prestige, fame and Traffic for your brand, business, products or services.

Marketing Bugle Academy TV haven't yet found a business that could NOT benefit from having their own Roku TV Channel and/or Amazon Fire TV Channel and you will be positioning yourself as an industry expert.

Easy Monetisation. Roku TV and/or Amazon Fire TV advertising is big business.

Currently, Roku and Amazon own 69% of the overall US device video market. Roku has over 39 million viewers in US alone, and that's not counting the UK and the rest of Europe.

You can also Monetise your channel with TV ads.

Use the Audience Network, and find the advertisers for your TV channels. Brands like Coca cola, Star bucks, Targets, and Fortune 500 companies want to advertise on your TV Channels! You can Collect the advertising revenue 4 times per year. How do you get paid? They now support PayPal, so you have a choice of getting the funds paid into your PayPal account or into your bank account.

You can also include any private advertisements within your TV Show videos. Simply have any advertisements added to your Roku TV Show videos on your Roku TV Channel or Amazon Fire TV Channel and shows!

Please note that we are not affiliated with or endorsed by Roku, Inc or Amazon and Amazon Fire TV!