Our [Launch-Time] Pricing Options

Marketing Bugle Academy TV can build a sales funnel around your individual videos, edit existing videos or even create videos, however, the most common basic plan is that businesses can have their videos uploaded to our channel. To this end, here is the basic pricing. All other services, like having your own channel buit, editing, sales funnel creation and so on are appropriate to the size of the project so, please call for a quote.

Video Uploads Subscription

Subscription Required (min 12 months)

Upload Per Video (Length: 7 mins to 30 mins)

Subscription is required to keep all videos LIVE

Launch Special: £50.00

Video Uploads

Each Video is £350.00 to Upload

Upload Per Video (Length: 7 mins to 30 Mins)

With No Subscription Max Live-Time is 10 Months


TV Channel Creation

Monthly Subscription Required to Service Channel

Per Video Upload Fees

Channel Creation & Video Storage