About Us

... and how being on TV can help YOUR business

We've used plenty of things to market our wares over the years from email marketing, Social Media, websites, eBooks, podcasts, radio and so on, and all have given some success, for sure. But how about TV? Well that is quite out of our league as it’s too costly, for a start … well it WAS, until now.

Marketing Bugle Academy TV is launching in 2019 and YOUR business video can feature upon it.

Imagine your educational, informational, beneficial and promotional video being available for, potentially, millions of people to view from their office or home.

Roku TV introduced business channels a while back and where they have taken off in popularity, big time, especially in the US but where Europe are following closely behind.

Marketing Bugle have their own channel and will be covering a number of business categories to get our launch off to a flying start.

If you would be interested in having your business video made available to a hot audience of avid business followers, do get in touch and let’s chat about the possibilities involved.

Once your category or, indeed, your channel gains a few thousand regular viewers, it gets super-exciting.

This new way of getting leads for your business has been thoroughly tested and we know it works but, as always, Marketing Bugle like to ensure it works for them and their clients before putting the service on general release. Hop on board now and you’ll be getting the best chance ever of trying out TV, probably, for the first time.

The Story

Marketing Bugle have been running marketing campaigns for businesses online since the 1990s and are always researching new ways to do so. This ensures that everyone gets the very best from their advertising at all times because, as you may realise, the Internet is changing all the time and marketing companies need to be able to react and work with those changes very quickly in order to remain effective in business, both for themselves and for their clients.

To this end, we have introduced a streaming TV network opportunity that enhances new and existing campaigns by bringing in a new audience of passionate buyers.

This is achieved by exposing client business videos to a potential audience of millions but, realistically, as we niche down the categories, thousands of viewers per day.

Our TV channel, Marketing Bugle Academy TV, runs on the Roku TV network which has millions of active subscribers and who can select channels of their choice to view the valuable content.

Choosing ‘Marketing Bugle Academy TV’ channel gives them access to everything (all videos) that we feature, no matter which category, within the marketing niche.

More channels are planned for the future to support various types of business niche.